Alper Toper

Alper Toper – Founder, HRthinksMe Danışmanlık & HRdergi

Managing to One

It's hard to find a manager who doesn't believe that today's gold standard is personalization. Spotify and Pandora have changed our music listening habits. Google and Facebook get millions from personalized ads. Netflix offers more than 120 million members a personalized experience. Now it's time to personalize the management. People want to establish an authentic bond with their first managers. In this session you will find clues to this.

Nilüfer Devecigil

Nilüfer Devecigil – MA in Psychology

Investing in Mind During Digital Age: Mindfulness

Recent scientific studies demonstrate that Mindfulness practices expand mind’s capacity of attention and change the structure of brain. Investing in attention increases the efficiency of business life, as well as enhancing focus, decreasing stress levels and supporting a healthy mind and body structure. Thus, it develops self-awareness, self-compassion and by extension improves skills of listening and empathy. This session will contain Mindfulness practices.

Barıs Coskun

Barış Coşkun – Founder, Ajans Sosyal

Employer Branding on Social Media

Y and Z generations are looking for work!
Can this process be managed with a “Transportation, Lunch, Insurance” ads on newspaper?
How will brands achieve a communication that will both hold their employees and affect their candidates?
How should an employer brand use social media in the age of digital communication?

Fatih Yedikardes & Mine

Mine Kobal Ok – Associate Partner, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)
Fatih Yedikardeş – General Manager, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc

Hello "Curiosity"

The business world meets again the concept of “curiosity” which is the spark of all inventions that change the history. We define curiosity as the “magic” that transforms the uncertainty to new innovative opportunities and builds more sincere dialogues at all levels and as well as creates more inspiring organizations.

We will explore the concept of “curiosity” with its contradictory energy which triggers renewal and growth.

  • How we perceive “curiosity” as today's’ superpower or shield in Turkey, based on curiosity survey results.
  • There are some lessons to be learned from Socrates
  • All we need is a little more “curiosity”
Özge Otmanbölük2

Özge Otmanbölük – Training and Development Management Manager, QNB Finansbank

Humans in Search of Meaning During Digitalization

Does technology make our lives easier? Is it a barrier standing right before humans as social beings? Social media platforms are willing to purchase the most precious thing that humans have in our age- “Time”! As Human Resources professionals, we are putting our best to find ways to make sure that our employees use their time more effectively by using the advantages of technology. Remember, we should be human-centered rather than being technology-centered and always be aware of the social needs of humans.

Sibel Dağdeviren

Sibel Özüağ Dağdeviren – Head of Danone Academy Turkey


Reflected results of GIG Economy created by independent employees in HR. There will be a lot of unexpected problems at first glance. But problems will come with solutions. How serious is this issue? How close is it? How hard is it?

Tarık Yasin Kapıcıoğu

Tarık Yasin Kapıcıoğlu – In Charge of Human Resources, TÜRKKEP Kayıtlı Elektronik Posta

HR 4.0

The 4th generation of industrial revolution. It is in our lives for about 6-7 years. It is mentioned everywhere. It is not an eviscerated fashionable word, but a concept that represents the coming period. You hear many familiar sides while listening, but what happens if it is adapted to HR? What changes does it cause?

Ceren Bandırma

Ceren Bandırma – Human Resources Specialist, Workinton

Competency at Digitalization

The concept of competence is written in the basic rules of HR. HR can not exist without it. On the other hand, everyone is in pursuit of digitalization. If we combine the two, this question arises: Which competence do we seek for digitalization? You can use this information in describing profiles, interviews or performance evaluation.

Devrim Aksu

Devrim Aksu – Human Resources Director, Aldridge

Cognitive HR

Digitalization is now a reputed concept. But the software goes beyond artificial intelligence: it processes the data in hand and predicts the future. In some way, it is the reflection of big data on the future. It is impossible for HT not to use it. It's going to be a classic word, but it's a "horizon tour".

Tülin çalhan - Selin Kuru

Tülin Çalhan – Founder & Managing Partner, Arche Human Resources Consultancy
Selin Kuru – Performance and Career Management Specialist, Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş.

In-House Talent Hunting

So-called talent management. As you know, talents are selected by measurement and evaluation tools. Well, who applies it, how much of it be applied? Are all the methods similar? Analysis and interpretation of the current situation.

Ebru Erdoğan

Ebru Erdoğan – Human Resources Manager, Nova Sünger

Agile HR

Agility, by definition is a method which requires team work, interactivity among team members and flexible thinking. Implementation needs subtility. You are going to face a different presentation method and you will watch different aspect of being agile with true life experiences.

Buke - Gul

Buket Tekin Altaner – The Banks Association of Turkey Training Center, Manager

Gül Önel – Country Organizational Development Manager, IKEA Turkey

Neuro HR

Neuro is actually a branch of medicine. It is realted with the anatomy of brain, spinal cords and nervous system. We are talking about a very complex system that manages the whole body and brain. Hovewer, since our subject is " human", let's leave the medical aspects of the issue to the experts. And we talk a little about its effects on learning and HR.

Serdar - Ayse

Serdar Baran – Blogger
Ayşe Kirman – Human Resources Manager, Workinton

HR Analysis in Diagnosis: Actual Cases and Digital Solutions

In a world where software algorithms can almost predict the future, can we use them as an early warning tool in HRMS programs? We will discuss through real cases, which software features can early warn us?

Hatice Bulut

Hatice Bulut – Human Resources & Process Development Manager

Lessons from Real HR Stories

Very simple ... authentic ... pragmatic ... True life experiences and moral of a fable. Let's leave to talk about the future for a while and go back to realities.

Mürşide - Zeynep

Zeynep Gürorman – Head of Corporate Communications, Fide Schools
Mürşide Demirkol – Education Specialist & Coach, Hayalleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü

The Absence of HR in Schools

Life isn't always the same for HR professionals as we have mentioned up to now. There are sectors where HR can not penetrate properly. A sapmle: Private schools. Would you like to hear the deep analysis?

Metin Akkaya

Metin Akkaya – Human Resources Manager & Blogger

Career Path of HR until 2030

A closing and wrap up speech: At the end of all these future projections, a kind of road map and to do list for young HR colleagues.

Hande Yalgin

Hande Yalgın – Chief People Officer, Logo Grup

From Culture to System in Digital Era

Digital transformation becomes a process that human resources unit must be act as a transformation partner. Leaders of the future want HR, not only work on HR strategies but also to make predictions that will affect the overall system, culture, and strategies. How will we participate in this transformation journey?


Selim YENER – Human Resources and Administration Asst. General Manager, TOYOTETSU Turkey

Ümit SÖNMEZ – Human Resources Manager, TOYOTETSU Turkey

How Many Gigabytes is Your HR?

Is time for extra “RAM” instead of new personnel to accelerate process approaching? Will we overcome problems by issuing a new version rather than planning education?

We would like to share our “digital transformation story” started knowing that touching human cannot be replaced with touching keys. Our road is long but the seminar is short. You're welcome to accompany us.


Gözde Berber Özbalaban – Associate Partner, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

Lead Fit – How to develop Fit Leaders for future organizations

U.S. companies spend $24 billion per year trying to supercharge leader performance, but the results are abysmal. Studies reveal that many leadership development efforts produce no positive results. May be it is time to talk about a new approach to sustainment to improve these results. This session will cover “Lead Fit” way on sustainment as well as new trends on how to create effective leadership development programs.

Aylin Obalı-Mehmet Gürsoy

Aylin Obalı – Chairman, TEGEP

Mehmet Gürsoy – Board Member & Founder Member, TEGEP

TEGEP Corporate Training Research

TEGEP (Learning and Development Association) conducts the Corporate Training Research every year in order to monitor some basic indicators related to the learning/development area in the institutions regularly.

The Corporate Training Research serves to create a healthy benchmark base for the sector. In this session, we will share many important data and research experiences in the 2018 research of 109 companies, which we will be able to evaluate together.

Erhan Feridun

Erhan Feridun – Partner, Crossknowledge Authorized Partner Turkey K2C

A Story - Three Essentials of Digital Learning

Digital Learning has become increasingly widespread with the introduction of technology into our lives. Unfortunately, the number of projects that capture the desired results are few. On the other hand 80% of the employees do not have required skills to be successful at their jobs. What can be done to prepare them to acquire new skills? How can you successfully complete a personalized Digital Learning project throughout your organization?

Güneş Ufuk

Güneş Ufuk – Partner,  K2C Danışmanlık

Blended Approach for Leadership Development Programs

In today’s digital world, it is essential for leadership development programs to respond to the needs of getting the information any time, any where and to a desired extend. But it is also important not to loose the experience and depth provided by face to face sessions. To combine those two dimensions builds the essence of blended development programs.

In this session, you will hear how we design and implement blended learning solutions that unify different learning methodologies to transform your leadership culture to the next level.

Picture71 (1)

İrem Ercil – Business Development and Sales Manager, POLDY İnsan Kaynakları Yazılım A.Ş.

HR by Numbers

In this session, you will discover the ROI of HR software that you can not convince the top management.

Dr. Sema Özçer

Dr. Sema Özçer – Registered IIP Practitioner & Owner, People Matters

Now, it is people’s time: Investors in People Standard

As future predictions and suggestions about ways to cope with winds of change increase, one thing stands constant: Importance of putting 'people' into the organization's heart. How effective are our current leadership and people management practices and do they contribute to our organization's performance? Let's discover the international people management and development standard Investors in People together!


Arif Gürdenli - Senior Consultant, Management Centre Türkiye (MCT)

Learning Agility

Learning ability is a defining feature of being human; however, the ability to continue learning is a fundamental skill of leadership. When the leaders lose this ability, they will inevitably go. When we lose this ability, we stop personal growth.
Organizations need leaders with learning agility to progress successfully in times of uncertainty and uncertainty. Can you teach a manager to be a more agile learner? Our answer is yes as MCT.

Ufuk Gedikli

Ufuk Gedikli - Professionals Manager,Randstad

Digitalization in Talent Management

Emrah Gövenç foto

Emrah Gövenç – Yemekmatik Platformu Momento Sales

Innovative Solutions for Employee Benefits